We are the digital accelerator – bringing Israeli technology innovation to accelerate Japan’s digital business.

RENNGA is the Japan’s digital accelerator

  • Israel is an advanced IT country well known as "Silicon Valley in the Middle East" and "Second Silicon Valley". It has the best cyber security technology in the world. We, RENNGA, are group of formal CTOs from Israeli unicorn companies and field working tech architectures, we bring Israeli technology innovation to accelerate Japan’s digital business. We have our own network in Israel, and we have made it possible to provide an advanced resource casting service that instantly casts the scrum members required by partner companies.

  • Advanced resource casting service

    Utilizing RENNGA’s unique human resources network in Israel, we will cast and manage global high-end ready-to-work human resources who are active in Israeli unicorn companies.

    Tech team transformation

    Japanese corporate dependent on IT vendors for many years, As technology becomes more complex and scaled, its impossible for a company to Scale its own technology strategically.
    At RENNGA, we assign tech architect specializing in in-house production and team building of tech teams, We aim our client to exit from vendor dependence.


    Scaling domestic tech team is an important key for companies planning global expansion.
    Our CTOs and architectures will bring their tech globalization experience to your tech team.

Our Service

What can we offer? RENNGA can inspire people

How We Work

Where is your company falling behind? And why?

One of the proven methods of finding avenues for digital innovation is for us to compare the company under study with the world class infrastructure and data platforms that our experts worked on and in most cases – built from scratch.

It’s difficult to know what one is doing wrong without being able to compare to what the rest of the world is getting right.

“Our modus operandi is hands on. We devote ourselves to fully understanding the business and it’s needs before we even begin to talk about technology. ”

  • A new culture

    When we leave, it not just technology that will have changed – but the culture of the business itself.

    We want to move to a static culture to one of learning and innovation.

  • Bridging the gap

    Language and cultural barriers play a huge part in the success of digitalization based on international standards. This is why RENNGA。 has so many people who can either facilitate technical Japanese conversation – or are technical experts who speak Japanese


Inspiration created by RENNGA And the future inspiration

Advanced resource casting service

Utilizing RENNGA's unique human resources network in Israel, we will cast and manage global high-end ready-to-work human resources who are active in Israeli unicorn companies.

Cyber Security

RENNGA can provide Israeli cybersecurity services which is the highest level in the world to Japanese companies, paving the way for digital innovation for Japanese companies. Our cyber security service discovers cyber security risks lurking in companies through simulation attacks by white hackers.

Digital Transformation

We are undertaking digital transformation at Big Japanese Corporate - a name that is eponymous with travel in Japan. We are addressing the pressing matter of bringing efficiency and scale into this technological systems. Lower costs. Greater scalability. Other key practices missing in Japanese businesses are user needs matching, a strong understanding of user experience needs and a focus on design. These too are part of our wholistic undertaking.


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    1-2-11 Higashikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    428, Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
    Harakevet 18 Tel Aviv
1-2-11 Higashikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
428, Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Harakevet 18 Tel Aviv