WRONG/DIFFERENT “Discussion” 15 Oct 2019

"You are wrong. That’s not right. I am right!
I can’t accept what you are saying, because it’s simply wrong."

Everyday, we encounter discussions that involve debating.
Debating refers to a way for two people on opposing sides of an issue to try
to convince either each other or a listening audience.

The Art of Being Right by Schopenhauer describes the methodology of debating, as well as strategy and tactics for offense and defense.
The most important idea this book focuses on is the need to capture the minds of our audience.

are skills or tactics of argument really that crucial?

A different opinion could be considered ‘wrong’,
and a ‘wrong’ opinion is very difficult to accept.

Why don’t you talk about the future with them over a glass of wine?
Why don’t you make small talk with them while having a meal together?
How about having a conversation while considering others?

Before pointing out how they are ‘wrong’, we need to admit we are different.

Admitting the fact that we are different shows
acceptance of diversity and reasonable judgement