Human resources find human resources, and a good environment invites good human resources.

RENNGA falls into trouble while building a new environment.
What is the environment that motivates them?

To make good code, you need talented people.

The good environment that RENNGA。 says does not mean “margin”. In order for people to grow, they need an appropriate challenge goal and a system to help them solve it autonomously.

This is because human resources simply maintain a good atmosphere and have a “desire to develop” that cannot be satisfied only by being comfortable. Good people always want to feel that they are developing.

Use tables at meals, receptions, meetings, etc.
A general term for furniture.

In some cases, meeting face to face with each other, in some cases welcoming customers with smiles, and in other times, discussing each other’s ideas and opinions, and developing in a better direction.

Meaning of functional table, there is communication beyond that.

So RENNGA created a variety of tables to suit the environment. At the stand table, you can always get together and exchange opinions. At the 6M long table, many people can gather and share ideas. In addition, creativity is born in an independent space table.

RENNGA is a digital creative group. We create a digital environment, which is a human task.

And we will create a good digital environment with the new system.

Together with RENNGA personnel.